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Prenuptial Agreements


Not Just for the Rich and Famous… Prenuptial agreements can also provide structure for a second marriage.  A properly crafted, written agreement can allow both partners to make clear what property is and shall remain separate, and what things are something that they will build and accumulate together.  With such an agreement, you can set […]

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When is an Annulment Possible?


Occasionally, we are asked this question, and the answer, like most family law questions, depends on the facts and circumstances of your case. For a court to grant an annulment there must be grounds.  Essentially, those grounds amount to fraud.  There must have been a misrepresentation that was material to your decision to get married. […]

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Special Needs Trusts


Families that include a family member with a disability should consider, as part of their estate planning the establishment of a Special Needs Trust. A Special Needs Trust can both (a) provide funds for the long term care of the person with a disability and (b) avoid the possible loss of governmental benefits as may […]

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Claiming Paternity: Myth vs. Realty


Paternity Myth: Putting a man’s name on a child’s birth certificate makes him the child’s father, legally speaking. Reality: The delivering mother can put anyone’s name in the box for fatherhood. Her doing so, though, doesn’t give “John Doe” paternity rights. What’s a dad to do? One who wants to claim and take on fatherhood […]

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Collaborative Divorce


Divorce can be ugly. It doesn’t have to be the worst chapter of your life, though. Even if it begins badly, it does not have to end that way. The way you and your spouse choose to divorce can make a difference. For couples who are able to commit themselves to work through difficult issues, […]