Uncontested Divorce Traverse City 

Within the State of Michigan, many people categorize their divorce as either contested, or uncontested.  A contested divorce means that both parties do not agree on the terms of their divorce or certain aspects of their divorce.  These cases may have to go before a judge, who will decide all issues in the case, ruling what is “equitable” based on the circumstances and evidence presented.  (If you don’t have agreement, from both sides, regarding all terms, you may be able to use mediation (before anyone files anything with the Court) or the Collaborative Divorce process, to come to an agreement.)

If a case is uncontested, both parties agree on all material terms aspects of ending their marriage.  An uncontested divorce in Michigan can save you a great deal of time, money, and headaches.  Uncontested divorces are generally much faster in dissolving marriages than contested divorces.  Contested divorces are slower and can take quite a while to complete. 

Simply stated, an uncontested divorce in Michigan allows couples to retain control over their divorce and create the type of agreement best suited to their needs.  This includes division of all assets, debts, child custody, child support, and alimony.  Our job is to help clients with:

– Clarification and documentation of the parties’ agreement. 

– Provision and/or completion of all necessary documents necessary to file the Michigan divorce with the Court.

– Help the parties reduce legal fees by offering cheap solutions in affordable formats.

– We make sure that the agreement covers all the bases; custody, visitation, child support, property, debt, retirement, assets, and any other area which may be important to the parties.

How Long Does A Traverse City Uncontested Divorce Case Take?

An uncontested divorce case in Michigan, at a minimum, will take at a bit over 60 days after it is filed, if there are no minor children.  If minor children are involved, the minimum will be a bit over 6 months, after the date that the case is filed with the Court.  These time periods run from the date that the case is filed; some (perhaps extensive) document preparation and signature will be required before that filing can happen. 

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