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Traverse City Collaborative Divorce

Divorce Without Court?

A Collaborative Divorce is an entirely different model, and necessarily involves participants (spouses) who are willing and able to commit to a specific process, with specific requirements, to reach and decide the terms of their divorce. It does not require that the participants agree on everything. On the contrary, you and the other participant can choose the Collaborative Divorce process in order to reach a decision, together, about what is best for your case. In a Collaborative Divorce, both parties are represented by attorneys who are collaboratively trained. The participants, with their attorneys, form a team of professionals and over a series of meetings, discuss and resolve the terms of child custody, support, parenting time, property and debt division, and all other divorce matters. This happens before anyone files anything with a court. Once all issues, both child- and property-related have been decided and an agreement signed, then divorce documents are filed with the court, and the case proceeds quickly toward the entry of a divorce decree, giving legal effect and enforceability to the participants’ agreement. This approach is especially beneficial, for those who can use it, where minor children are involved. After the process, co-parents who used it are able to better communicate, and better share child-related decision making, than their counterparts who had a traditional divorce.

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