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Traverse City Mediated Divorce

A divorce that is mediated before filing requires the participants to agree to meet with a mediator to try to work out the terms of their divorce. Who stays in the house? Or does the house have to be sold? What days will the kids spend with whom? How long before the mortgage gets refinanced? Who takes what vehicle? Who pays for soccer and hockey? Who claims the income tax exemption for the kids? How much will child support be? mediated divorce traverse city miThese issues, and other decisions, may be decided between you, with the help of a mediator. Then you can take that agreement, often with the help of an attorney (or attorneys) to prepare and file all of the necessary documents, to complete the legal process of divorce. The participants divide the cost of the mediator, and the attorney fees (for preparing and filing the documents) will be much, much less than what a traditional, contested divorce will likely cost.

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